Christmas is fast approaching and we are drawn to notice those who are suffering, lonly,sad, grieving and it can make us feel better if we try to help them some way. At this time when many of us look forward to good times there are others who are missing some one they dearly loved and are left feeling empty but if you really love some one they are always there in spirit and continue to share our lives.


In the spirit.

Ecclesiastes 9.

Verse 11.  In this world fast runners do not always win the race and the brave do not always win the battle.

Galatians 5.

Verse 17. What human nature wants is opposed to what the holy spirit wants.


I had a deeply religious experience a long time ago not that i make an issue of it but i now believe that i am seperated from my family because i am a spiritual person and they are worldly and i believe god himself did this seperated us.  It seems a hurtful thing to have to happen but i can understand why god does this, i see why it as to some times happen.