Weird hackers.

I have an idea who at least one hacker is and looking in his site what I find is that he does nothing else, they have a site where nothing actually goes on they don’t post and don’t make contact with any one. Many post loads of pictures of themselves on there site and some even have a friends list that hardly moves they contact nobody and nobody contacts them. They behave as though they think they are above the rest of us on the web only coming in to watch sites or watch what other people are doing often people they know. they are stalkers.


Why? who knows.

Through the email and media I receive a lot of comments on my posts that never show up on my site for some reason I have noticed this happening for some time.

Messed up.

Tried to write my poem but it was made too much trouble by deliberate hacking. Removing and messing up words. I made several attempts some people have no better use for the web than doing that. simple minded. Also I notice a lot of comments never show up on my site.


I like writing some times. I like writing poetry some times. I like drawing and painting but I never get tired of shopping I absolutely love shopping not for food of course hubby does that it gives him some thing to do but I love looking round shops and treating myself to some thing nice it does not have to be some thing very expensive every time but just some thing that takes my fancy. I don’t care if its some thing nobody as tried before and I like it I need nobody to tell me its right or wrong for me I will buy it I am often setting a trend that many follow without really intending to.  Buying some thing new gives me a kick.

Save the animals please.

Heartless people kill these beautiful creatures for there ivory every day. Bears too are snatched from there mother.s and kept in cages to live a miserubul life perfoming to the public how people can watch it is behond me these poor animals along with many other creatures are used an abused. Some see animals both wild and domestic animals as making easy money for them they care nothing for them ignorance makes them think its only an animal it does not matter but it does matter. Help stop this any way you can. The picture above is from paint by numbers so if you prefer to paint than draw try an adult one great fun and at the end of it you have a glowing picture to enjoy.

Peace lover.

I am just a simple soul hey! not that simple. But I like life uncomplicated I don’t go out to make trouble for myself or others I try to keep the peace at all costs. I tell it how it is hoping it will help some one, but some take offence at the truth and prefer to wear coloured glasses and live a dream the trouble is because they wont face the truth they blame the wrong people for things and live a sad life but its there choice when I object is when they blame me.


It can be hard when you have to limit what you say due to lack of space or some other problem on the web, you can narrow it down what you want to say until it is hard for any one to understand without racking there brains. Every time I go on facebook after a space of time I will find some one will stop my commenting to any one who writes or sends a message to my site. Just another effort to make my life more difficult and stop me from joining in with others and if I complain about it I look of my head. Why do they do it? 0ne I know of is an unforgiving vindictive bitch who stirs the pot along with others to make trouble does not want to be nice she tries to blame me for anything wrong in her life. The rest have narrow views and don’t mix think everybody is bad on the web but mostly its them who only enter the web to make trouble for others they have no other use for it.

Who Cares.

Well here I am back home again last time I think I mostly talked about my family or finding my family you might say. I suppose I left it too late to meet my mother and father but I always thought it was some thing I should do find out who I am, who I was born to be, but if I am honist I always was only part interested, if some one dumps you and appears not to care what happens to you  why should they be of interest to you that is the question. Some people make family very important others care nothing for family. I did find my sister the one closest to me she wrote to me but made it quite clear she did not want to talk about herself or the family. We exchanged letters but I found myself doing all of the talking so to speak telling her about my life and my health and in return I got little back about her or my parants. In the end I told her I had trouble finding anything to write about.  I was tired of the meaningless notes I received that made me feel I was never going to be let into the inner circle I could stand on the doorstep but won’t be invited in. I did not want to know about her hairdressers appointment or her day out with her daughter there were more important things to discuss after so many years apart. She had been led to believe I had a fantastic life by some one non of which was true. She never picked up and commented about things I said as though she was not interested and could say nothing bad about my mother even though she had me and left me behind at birth not knowing what might happen to me.


Probably blogging as changed since I first started out on a site called where I met and made friends that are still my friends today and mean a lot to me, in fact I feel encouraged to keep writing because of them alone even if I do not leave a like every day for them I think of them and I know they think of me.  I never really wrote with the wish to collect enormous amounts of followers and stats although in the early days I did have a good few. But then I joined wordpress and a group where each one of us competed for a blogger reward and I collected so many I had barely any room to put them so stopped collecting them which was a shame because I enjoyed competing and receiving my prize. bloggerrecognitionaward