Probably blogging as changed since I first started out on a site called where I met and made friends that are still my friends today and mean a lot to me, in fact I feel encouraged to keep writing because of them alone even if I do not leave a like every day for them I think of them and I know they think of me.  I never really wrote with the wish to collect enormous amounts of followers and stats although in the early days I did have a good few. But then I joined wordpress and a group where each one of us competed for a blogger reward and I collected so many I had barely any room to put them so stopped collecting them which was a shame because I enjoyed competing and receiving my prize. bloggerrecognitionaward



brotherhood-awardJust showing of one of my blogger awards from way back I have been a blogger for more years than I can remember now. I have always enjoyed writing but my patience never held to writing a book although I did try I in fact have draw,s full of books I have written both for adults and children just there where they stay never seeing daylight and will probably be there when I die, far too much work went in there to get rid of them and it would take more work to straighten them out I guess..

Good news.

Things are looking up at last a newly found nephew Dna tested sent me some photographs of my brothers and sisters that I have never met I felt a bit sad that at thirty two years of age I was alone in the world and they were out there and I did not know at that time there was not any internet and no computor’s here then. He cares about me I can tell that makes my world a better place.