World falling apart.

I can try to talk my way out of being who I am but it will never work, I can pretend to be nothing to do with them and its easy to do as I never knew them but whatever I do I can not change that it was that woman that gave birth to me no one else, it is her mother who was my grandmother who wasn’t really even there for my mother let alone me. Who would choose such people to be your family no one would but I had to know who they were as a matter of form.  I grew up with little or no interest in knowing them but as I grew older I knew I would have to find out who they were. I have the picture its clear I don’t need photographs  to show me. I have seen the big house where it all started and how it all collapsed and ended up when it all fell like a deck of cards and wrecked every thing in sight of it, me included. Like a world falling apart because of one selfish woman.


4 thoughts on “World falling apart.

    1. I do wonder some times gilly where my fight comes from but I am a Viking remember haha hahaha. No I truly believe god is there for me on my own I could never have made it not long ago my hubby was expecting to bury me even the surgeon expected it he told me and with all the strength I had I prayed “God help me” it wasn’t magic but I began to see a blue curtain around me and things took shape I could do nothing for a long time but I was moving on and getting slowly better each day strength came back into my body little by little because at the beginning I couldn’t even see or move believe in him and he will help you as you know gilly.X

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    1. 0r he wants to punish me gilly I still suffer so much pain and lose my balance. I have a long way to go but I came from the pits suffering locked in syndrome after my op and my sight came back and things improved a little each day. I thought it would go all one way but this is a set back a difficult time for me all over again.X


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