He aint gonna win.

I know I must think differently to most other’s if I see what I consider to be some thing worth while but as not been voted as the best I will vote for it, I think those who are not up front as winners need my vote much more than those who are. I am too aware that people do not always win or achieve by merit some will do anything to qualify to have some thing to boast about to there friends and family and rope in everybody they know to back them even though many will only be backing and supporting some thing because they are a friend and not because they are impressed by what they have done. I went to a dog show with one of my terrier dogs many moons ago and some men stood behind me eyeing my dog up and down and one was heard to say “He is bloody good but he aint gonna win”.



If you want to be surprised do a DNA test you will probably find you are not quite what you thought you were. I found a Jewish girl or so we thought, she was in fact 98% english. How come? I don’t know but DNA shows we are not what we think we are.

Who Am I.

All of my life I have been aware of some one not wanting me to be successful at anything and would block my success anyway they could as soon as they knew who I was even as a small child. I have been told I don’t exist.  And my mother had tried to hide evidence of my birth before having me adopted.  What exactly went on I don’t know never will nobody really knows but my mother was buried along side of the man who’s name she gave me the man she was marriad to.

Lonly people.

We have a great big world out there and there are many people related to us we never know about. So many lonly souls young and old with few friends some with non atall, why? many people don’t trust easy many have been badly let down and deeply hurt by others. Children are let down and hurt by the very one that should love them and be there for them there parants, some are abused, other’s get every thing they want except love, some parants think giving a child every thing it asks for is love but infact its there conscionce talking and saying sorry I am not here I have other things to do, work to do, people to see.