Born to be.

I always thought I had been born into a catholic family and I was right, why did I think that you might ask, because I believed quite strongly in many of the ways of the catholic religion and knew about them even though I had never been in a catholic Church in my life, my adoptive mother had told me “You have to go to Church I don’t care which one but I said that you would”.  Who did she say that to I have no idea, but I was given a gold cross with latin words on by some one who put it into the palm of my hand I don’t remember who as a child it was nobody I knew.. I believed water was holy and would cure me when I was ill I believed in confession being good for the soul it came from inside me not from any where else.  I often found myself pulled towards the catholic Church but never went there and had a harsh dream of being dragged along the path of a Church and forced to stand at the front of this Church where I was blessed and the same dream came when I was unconscious in hospital last year.


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