Crossing the line.

Lots of things cross my mind like how difficult it is these days to get an intelligent conversation with any one we have all got so used to computor’s where an answer might come to our quest or not. Where so many just want to brag and boast about themselves on facebook where some try to make themselves popular at all costs and want to boast the huge following they have  all pointless meaningless stuff.  I think of how some people want to blame other’s for how they feel about them its ” He does this or he does that I don’t like”, or “I don’t like the way he lives so I have nothing to do with him” Many of the reason’s are exscuses. Some people will report some one as not coping to authoritys before they will give that person a helping hand. And how things have got so much worse with children suffering terrible neglect not through lack of money but lack of love. Murder no longer shocks people as it once did we hear nearly every day that some one as killed some one even a child, well I know they want religion removed from School and any where else but religion was the one thing that made us all draw the line and say “No I won’t do that I draw the line there”,  now there is nothing stopping any one doing any evil there is no line they will not cross.


Waiting about.

Up at 6.0clock again must be at hospital for 9.0clock for my blood test taken each week because my kidneys were badly effected by the illness before my op- and the hospital said I must have them checked regular, turned out to be more regular than expected with pills I am given that might make things worse. Each time I hope I am 0k again so hate hospital’s. Looking forward to the summer time and warmer days. Must take my little dog out before I got to hospital and have some thing to eat or I will fade out before dinner time. Turned out a lot more people waiting today and many with coughs and colds.


I thought I was too old to fall in love

passion had left my life

I thought it no longer mattered

I gave it not a second thought then one day I

came home from hospital after a serious illness

and a man I had hardly noticed before reached

out to me he hugged me close and I realised soon

after I had fell in love

We looked across at one another and his face

gave it all away we wanted

to be together but we were both deeply involved

with some one else we cared about

But this we had together we had never felt

and did not dare let it happen

it would hurt too many people.

It was painful neaither of us could offord what

this would mean.

I think of him all the time never

a day goes by I long to be with him but I know it

would cost too much for us to be together

and we must face that it mean’s goodbye.

by J.B.

All in a day.

Can you hear it laughing

we are fooled by the weather

the sun comes out the sky is

blue and we think spring has

arrived then it goes hehehe

I fooled you and down

comes the rain or the snow

the wind and the bitter cold

and back to winter we go

it is winter one day summer

the next we don’t know

what to do

we take the brolly and

out comes the sun we put

on the summery clothes

and cold it goes.

by J.B.


I would like to be a bit more pushy

like some people that I know but once

you say you like some thing they bore

you through and through they never

stop sending you photographs of themselves

doing this and that this is Me they say

sitting in the bath, this is Me in the garden

this is Me having my hair done this is me

when I married this is Me with my man this

is Me at Christmas this is my new dress

this is my new car

it is all about Me.

by J.B.

My new year resolution’s.

My New Year resolution’s did not last the way

I hoped they would before the first week was out

I slipped and fell

the simple yoga exercise had left me a painful


It was not a good idea to carry on

this way

Bible study it was hard to find the

time with so much to do but I did

give it a go and will find

the time to do

Meditation this I love but motivating

myself does not happen as

often as it should.

by J.B.


Ready for the flower’s.

I am ready for the summer

as excited as can be

I bought a trough to fill with

flower’s all colour’s

you might never ever see

Yellow start’s the spring with

daffodil’s that bloom masses

of them every where

they brighten up any gloom

next will come the tulip bulbs

bright colour’s to lighten any day

flower’s every where what a treat to see.

by J.B.

Happy days.


It is nearly spring, it is just around the corner, soon we will be planting seeds and pottering in the garden again and lieing out in the sunshine, people will stop in the street to chat again, birds will be singing, there will be children playing and benches full of people lazying around. 0ut will come summer clothes and people caring more about how they look than winter permits.

Past times.

Where will this year lead us I wonder. Having joined a genealogy group I have learned quite a lot about myself from the family I never met. Many of my father’s side of the family live in America and I find my mother’s brother was a high ranking policeman, all interesting stuff.