This your life. (poem)

I stood on top of a mountain

A voice said there is your life before you

There are the home’s you have made

There are the people you have loved

There is the land you have lived upon

There are the animals you have loved

There are the tree’s and flowers you have grown

There are the stories you have written

There is the poetry you have written

There is the family you have never met

There is the kindness you gave

There is the grief and pain you felt

There is the lack of love and understanding given to you

There is the heart only I god of the universe can see.









Sorting myself out.

My resolutions I might call them for 2018 are these.  1/ To try to do some bible study every day.  2/ To do some yoga.  3/ To meditate.

I enjoy meditation and it works well for me I could cheerfully spend much more time listing to waves or the wind or the rain or such things. Yoga is some thing I also enjoy but I have to be careful with the problems I have I stay within gentle poses  only. I enjoy reading stories from the bible too and I do feel they are relevant to today and there is some thing to be learned from them wether you are a beliver or not.