No show.

I find many¬† comments don’t show up on my page and I was just about to reply to some one today when that also disapeared. Some times I have to write a post more than once because it vanishes. If I reply on some one’s site that vanishes too.


That’s life.

By the time Christmas is just half through I will be fed up with every thing about it and my best moments will be out walking my dog.

Christmas talk, Christmas films, Christmas decorations, Christmas paper, Christmas shopping. I will be happy to be back to a normol average boring day, 0h and Christmas party’s huh! what Christmas party’s? not really a party person and don’t like crowded places.

Will be happy feeding my face with goodys having a laugh and looking forward to a trip to the lakes and burying my nose in a good book.

To do the right thing.

We never know who we are speaking to so to speak on the net some times it can be some one pretending to be some one else but if they are they are not being true to themselves. Christian’s are the first to be criticized people who try to do the right thing they don’t claim to be any better or different from any one else except for a love of god.

All alone.

I always think a lot of people are cocky about not having any belief as though they think they have it all and know it all getting quite irritated by some one elses belief in god. But I wonder how they would have coped with life had they been born into my life. I was dumped as a baby and adopted by a woman who took me to replace another child she had lost she called me horrible names I have never repeated and when she got fed up with me she dumped me in a home where my foster dad fetched me back from.¬† Later I marriad a man who beat me and robbed me my kids watched it happen and grew up to still take his side and blame me, he refushed to maintain them though he never deniged they were his and so I had to. I was allowed no friends and cut of from everybody for year’s. Without my faith I would not have survived.