Good people.


People can make things happen they can make your day good or bad.  It maybe a bleak day for you but some one smilles kindly and you feel unplifted as though some one cares and you are not alone.




Some things are a complete mystery to me how I do my very best to do the right thing and it all turns out wrong. How some people can make up the biggest brainless rubbish and it is concidered genius.  But we all know that success in this life does not always come the way it should by hard work and brains but by who we know. If we know the right people we don’t need the hard work the talent or the brains some times because we will get a lift up anyway and they will make whatever we do acceptable to the world that is how fashion’s start we often go yuk! at first then we are wearing it.

The grab and brag memes.

Believe me you would not want a so called family like mine they never visit me, never ask how i am, never send me a card and don’t care if I am dead or alive but on 0cashion’s i get info letting me know what they are up to because my grandson is in a band but I don’t want to know anymore I call them the ME,me’s they live to impress other people and what they can get they are an embarrassment and seeing how they grab and brag so much makes me know I am better of without them.


Soon it will be Christmas yes Christmas that is what this up and coming holiday is supposed to be about wether any one likes it or not and there is no feel of it atall very little atmosphere, very few decorations or signs of Christmas coming any where. What happened to that wonderful spirit, now nobody cares it is just a time to spend,spend, spend.