Cruel world.

So many people today are let down by others more than ever before, they are lied to and much deceiving goes on, much using of others for there own ends. Good people are accused of bad things. It as become common to hear of shootings, knife attacks, careless cruel deaths, neglect of some’s own helpless children starved of love and left hungry with broken bones and bruises whilst mother’s stand before everyone along with there man looking as though what they have done is there own business and that child’s life was not any thing to fuss about whilst that child suffered unbelievable neglect and pain and they did nothing to help only continued to abuse and any one who might be able to help as done nothing. People die alone left some times for weeks and nobody calls or cares until there is a bad smell they complain about and it is too late. People will report others before they will turn there hand to help make there life easier and avoid the worse things that can happen. 0ld people are dumped in homes and forgotten by family’s. Nothing is sacred any more. This is not the case for every one there are some good people who still have respect for there parent’s even if they have not been the best of parent’s but too many don’t care all respect for them as gone and some of those parent’s have given so much .