Unprepared world.

It is so easy to scare one’s self when we think deep thoughts, easy to see vision’s faces of people we have never even met come before us, happenings we hope will never be.

I once had a dream of thousands of people running, children being trampled into the ground by a human stampede, what were they running from you might say, a roaring came from the sky as it flashed thunder and lightning the roaring was terrifying, rain poured and people could barely stand let alone run but they still tried every one was afraid, we knew the time had come to answer for who and what we had done in our life and many were unprepared and shocked by what was happening. The world had changed in a very short time to a scary place where nothing mattered except to try to escape from this terrible thing we all knew we must answer to. I was safe I was looking out at it all watching the horror but I was still afraid.


Don’t need it.

We can fill our computer’s up in a short time with waste of time rubbish there are loads of apps to choose from all sound useful and exciting but we don’t need them and before we know it our computer is choked with stuff we never really needed.  Not only that but even the useful stuff we download can have in excess of added stuff we don’t need to fill up our computer and cause problems,we never really have enough space for all the stuff added on we don’t need and getting rid of it can make life difficult and can destroy what we do need.


It is true I need more sleep because for years I have been on water tablets due to kidney problems I am up and down all night most nights for a pee. Point is that experts tell us we need eight hours sleep a night and I think it is more important that the quality of sleep is good not the length of time we sleep if we can get a quality couple of hours sleep it is better than eight hours poor quality sleep. I have known a chap that slept for twelve long hours at a time and was dead at 50 years of age and another chap that went to bed late and got up early every morning who is still active at 70 years of age.

Autumn to winter.

It is autumn or the fall and it is beautiful but a bit of a sad time as the year draws to a close but it as been a hard year for me and my hubby with my ending up spending months in hospital after an emergency op that left me totally disabled.

Soon we will spend more time on the web writing our blogs with nothing out doors left to do, Christmas approaches at least it was once Christmas now it is not what it was, now it as no other meaning than to spend, spend, spend, and many either don’t know its meaning or don’t want to know. Its just a holiday.

Won’t like you.


0n face book I received a message of sorts I say of sorts because it was a colourful attractive quote, it said—

“People might agree with you but because its you they won’t”.

Its a bit like believing that if your nice to some one they will be nice to you,

so not so, there are people who don’t want to like you or me and whatever we do they still won’t like you so count your blessings and be glad there not in your life you don’t need such people nobody does .

Going solo.


I enjoy  going solo I enjoy the freedom one gets from going it alone I don’t feel the need for some one else’s company all the time. But when I have been in good company for a while that feeling goes away and I miss them and want to make for human company once again, but it passes.

Most things I do are solitary things, drawing and painting, writing poetry and short stories, I get bored easily and some times don’t bother to finish what I write knowing in my heart I have the ability to write well when I am of mind. I feel sort of ashamed that I have in a drawer manuscripts of original stories I have written and done nothing with. As for poetry I have lost so many poems I have written and forgot them over the years. I had a draw full of pictures I painted from sketches I did they are now tatty and not fit to show. I have wasted talents but I guess we all have.