All that glitters.

0ne of my favourite old sayings is “All that glitters is not gold”, and it means that what you see or hear is not always true or real. That is very much the case more so these days than ever before with the possibility of all kinds of cosmetic surgery and so much we can do to cover up who we really are.

We can feel very let down when we find out the truth about some one if they are hiding behind some thing or pretending to be some thing there not.

I like to make the best of what I have but I don’t want to change it not because I think its so great but its me and who I am and I am unique I don’t want to have a nose that is perfect or like some one else’s I know if I changed it for another I would never like it and in the end we need character and much more to survive to a big age in this life and looks don’t come into it. Infact I think too much surgery on parts of the face and body could make us look older as the years pass than we other wise would.


2 thoughts on “All that glitters.

  1. I agree with you. I do think too much work looks really weird on people’s faces, men as well as women. The other thing is, when they keep on dieting until they are really thin. I think that puts years on people! (Of course some people can’t help losing weight, when they have been very ill, but that’s different).


    1. I am thankful for what god as given me and I try to make the best of it but I don’t believe in changing it, any way what is beautiful is what we see in some one and it comes in different ways, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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