The Stare.

Do you get fed up with people who stare, don’t ask them why they are staring because they wont tell you, I even wonder if they know why they do it, did nobody tell them its rude.
Just before I left hospital nurse’s came in and out of my room preparing for me to go home and standing in the middle of the floor outside opposite the door was a chap staring in and listing I stared back but he made no attempt to move.
When I came out of a restaurant a smart looking elderly woman stood and stared at me eyeing me up and down. Then often my hubby and I have seen a woman who stands outside the door stareing at the house and one day I looked through the window and she stared back without flinching.
You know when people who stare are not your friend try speaking to them such as hello and they won’t answer. Maybe they should learn to mind there own business before some one punches there nose for there cheek.


12 thoughts on “The Stare.

  1. I got used to being stared at when we were in Nigeria. I could understand it there, because we were the only white people often. But it often feels a bit more sinister if people stare in this country. What are they up to?


  2. Hi Jane, glad to see you’re still around blogging. Realised recently that you’d not been at BW for a while. Apols I’ve not been a regular reader while otherwise challenged and not keeping up online well for ages. Hope all is good with you and yours. Staring – I can understand your point, but it does raise concerns for people with Parkinson’s and such neurological conditions as they actually might be at risk of being personally attacked for ‘giving people gawky gawping looks’ or assumed to be staring. They probably don’t realise they’re doing it, nor when they’re pulling awkward faces or smiling oddly. It’s a scary world out there when the natural reaction among the public is to assume to take offence. Hope you don’t mind my late addition to your discussion 🙂


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