Listen to your body.

“Listen to your body” some one said. If I listen to mine I would never get out of bed, it is saying, “I am tired, I ace all over and every thing is an effort” but I still get up whatever sort of night I had and get on with things, I would hate not to be able to do anything and expect others to do for me as I had to do once when I could not even lift a knife and fork to eat on my own my hands would not grip them, my hands were so weak, my feet would not move, and I was so weak I could not stand for more than a second without falling to the floor and then I could not get up. Doctors gave up on me I became a skeleton looking creature hollow faced and thin, part of my inside taken away and a huge hole in my gut I was dyeing and I knew it. I struggled to pray to a god that seemed to not be there and not care, “God help me” I called and very soon I awoke in intensive care much to everybody’s amazement. I could hear people and picked up on there amazement “Hello”, some one said it was a woman wearing a green mask and green overall “You have come back we never thought you would”, said the woman with a huge smile. The struggle went on, I was still isolated from every one I had a major operation, a heart attack, and sepsis there was a long way to go but I was alive and it seemed my prayer was answered.


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