The Stare.

Do you get fed up with people who stare, don’t ask them why they are staring because they wont tell you, I even wonder if they know why they do it, did nobody tell them its rude.
Just before I left hospital nurse’s came in and out of my room preparing for me to go home and standing in the middle of the floor outside opposite the door was a chap staring in and listing I stared back but he made no attempt to move.
When I came out of a restaurant a smart looking elderly woman stood and stared at me eyeing me up and down. Then often my hubby and I have seen a woman who stands outside the door stareing at the house and one day I looked through the window and she stared back without flinching.
You know when people who stare are not your friend try speaking to them such as hello and they won’t answer. Maybe they should learn to mind there own business before some one punches there nose for there cheek.


Listen to your body.

“Listen to your body” some one said. If I listen to mine I would never get out of bed, it is saying, “I am tired, I ace all over and every thing is an effort” but I still get up whatever sort of night I had and get on with things, I would hate not to be able to do anything and expect others to do for me as I had to do once when I could not even lift a knife and fork to eat on my own my hands would not grip them, my hands were so weak, my feet would not move, and I was so weak I could not stand for more than a second without falling to the floor and then I could not get up. Doctors gave up on me I became a skeleton looking creature hollow faced and thin, part of my inside taken away and a huge hole in my gut I was dyeing and I knew it. I struggled to pray to a god that seemed to not be there and not care, “God help me” I called and very soon I awoke in intensive care much to everybody’s amazement. I could hear people and picked up on there amazement “Hello”, some one said it was a woman wearing a green mask and green overall “You have come back we never thought you would”, said the woman with a huge smile. The struggle went on, I was still isolated from every one I had a major operation, a heart attack, and sepsis there was a long way to go but I was alive and it seemed my prayer was answered.

0pen minded.

What is important to one person is not to another. 0nly when we are keen on playing tennis or any other game are we impressed by the one who is the best at the game nobody else feels anything about it.

We don’t really know what we like until some thing clicks with us some times we might with an open mind give some thing a chance  others will not,  they make up there mind they don’t like some thing and will not give it a chance.

I like to keep an open mind and try new things even if nothing clicks just to see if I feel any different about things when I have the full value of them after all if we don’t we might be missing some thing.

True friend.

I can remember some years ago when a chap was very bothersome wanted me to go out with him, me no, so when he invited himself over I put some curlers in my hair some thing I rarely do and the oldest clothes I could find and no make up thinking this would scare him of but it did not, he turned around and said, ” If this is how you look at your worse wow! you look great at your best”. In other words it did not work he was not put of and the funny thing is I liked him so much more, he liked me for me, those are the people worth having as friends. If we have to rush around to polish the house and dress up to please some one we don’t need them.

People person.

What is a people person some one who can not stand to be alone, am I a people person no I enjoy my own company and I think I prefer the company of animals to many people who only moan and complain all the time and find fault in others.

No I am not much of a people person although I enjoy the company of some people who have interesting things to say specially if they make me laugh. I am sympathetic to the misunderstood the unloved the one who is different they are often kind hearted people who accept others for what they are and are bullied by the well supported one who gets every thing his own way. My experience of people as not been good I have a history of people hurting and letting me down but I still give them  a chance now with a more open mind.