Evil brings out good.

It is true to say that evil brings out good, when things are as bad as they can get there is always an angel some where, a good soul, some one who truly cares, it is surprising. Some one will always reach out when we are in trouble even if some times we must wait a while. Feelings of hope will come to us from some one with kind words or arms reaching out to us to comfort us.  I had fell unconscious and when I awoke I couldn’t move I was terrified every thing had to be done for me  and I was fed through a tube it was thought that I would never do anything for myself again.

I sat up in a chair eventually and tried to cut a slice of toast a young woman watched me struggle then came to me and said, ” let me help you,” cutting my piece of toast for me. When tears came to my eyes arms went around me and a warmth flowed through me with the knowledge that some one cared. A young pretty girl came every day to clean my room she was just a cleaner but she always wanted to help me in any way she could, kindness flowed like I had never known in my life before and gradually I grew stronger with hope in my heart.