Not the way it should be.

It is with regret that I ever married that man, the biggest regret of my life, he was mean, greedy, selfish, and violent and I had no family to go to and if I worked he punched what I earned out of  me. He kept me from my friends,  isolated me from everybody.  I had two kids with him before it was too late for me, he took no interest in them until we divorced much later and because I found some one to love he spent all his time making trouble for me, I am the bad one. He found nobody else only because all he had he wanted to keep for himself and he dedicated his life to hurting me because I had hurt his ego. I did all I could for those kids and gave them all I had to give but they hurt me every way they could making me out to be bad and I could not have done more as a mother for them.

Before this I had married a man who loved fast cars, flying planes, the good life, along came a child after a short time of marriage and because he hardly ever came home at night except for a few hours I left the house we shared. The child was born 9 months later and he did not want to know, he wanted us to get back together without the child which I would not do so she was adopted I had no place to live and little money.  Later when I met her years later she wanted me to contact him about her and when he rang me he never mentioned her and wasn’t interested but he wanted to see me, once again I declined .

She blames me and hates me for everything. She did not like the truth, she had pushed for the truth but did not like it. It is such a pity that some people never listen or try to understand they make decisions about others without knowing or caring about the truth they hate all the wrong people they are sadly mixed up people with nothing to offer any one because there heads are a mess with there efforts to hurt others who just want to be there friend and love them.


7 thoughts on “Not the way it should be.

    1. I think i have found peace gilly I talk of all that happened now as though it happened to some one else. 0f course the question is always there “Why”? Why me, why have I been treated so bad but I guess I will never


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