Gill Kimber.

I could not get your usual website to come up gilly but I did find this one very interesting indeed. You know how much I miss the small part I played in the past it was important to me I looked  forward to teaching the children arranging flowers and generally helping any way I could it made me happy. At the moment I am struggling, part of my bowel as been removed. A large wound is healing well but caused a lot of pain and I was sleeping a lot and feeling sick. Nurses still come every day.  Have a good day.


4 thoughts on “Gill Kimber.

  1. Hi Jane, I feel very honoured that you posted in my name! I have two blogs: one for deacons and one for myself and my blog friends: – I have recently had a lot of trouble with this so that might be why it wasn’t coming up on your system. Godschool is still there but I have changed it so there is now a fixed home page and the blog posts come up separately:


    1. I am improving a little gilly but then there is another set back this morning the wound began to bleed again just when I thought I was getting better but nurse says not to worry it can happen.xxxx


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