Its good to be alive and wake up to the sunshine. The day I left hospital the ward sister came and said your leaving today and I have to say your amazing I was there at the start she said and we fought for days to get life back into you and look at you now, and that was just the beggining.


Gill Kimber.

I could not get your usual website to come up gilly but I did find this one very interesting indeed. You know how much I miss the small part I played in the past it was important to me I looked  forward to teaching the children arranging flowers and generally helping any way I could it made me happy. At the moment I am struggling, part of my bowel as been removed. A large wound is healing well but caused a lot of pain and I was sleeping a lot and feeling sick. Nurses still come every day.  Have a good day.

The battle commenced.

Each day there seems a new battle or challenge. Since arriving home I have noticed so many changes in me. The things I once liked to eat I now despise and things I never liked I crave. I have times where I have no appetite whatsoever.   I have lost about five stone in weight and I think it makes me look so much older. Even my skin texture as changes from soft and sensitive to quite tough in texture.  I can not go out my balance is so poor I wobble about like a drunk and have been known to fall.  Nurses come in every day to me to treat my wound that is healing but a painful abcess developed that gave me grief for days.