Fighting back.

After such a bad time just the sun shining through the window and seeing the trees blowing in the light breeze outside is a treat.  For weeks I occupied a small room looking out at another hospital building not a tree or green grass to be seen depressing it was and the weeks dragged by when i  could barely move a limb.

I was  black and blue from effort to take blood from me until finally the Doc came to say that I needed a blood transfusion and another and my blood was back to being topped up.  My energy level did not improve much and I dreaded being dragged out of bed and forced to walk every morning until I yelled for them to stop.  I hated the repeated food menu that never ever changed. No one else was going to come to see me except my hubby it was too far from home and I never told anybody any way where I was it would have been very difficult I spent three weeks in intensive care and knew little myself.

Hubby was loyal to the end and he finally bought me home.


15 thoughts on “Fighting back.

      1. Happy Easter to you – enjoy the flowers, the leaves coming out, the sunshine (if there is any!) and all the beautiful things God gives us in this world of his. Hugs xx


  1. Dear Jane,

    I read about your suffering. I am glad you’re recovering. I also had something similar and crashed towards the end of the 2016. It took me many months in 2017 to be able to live normally. I hope you keep getting better.

    Love and light ❤



    1. Thanks Anand it is nice to hear from you. I like you i crashed and had an haemorage and nearly died it left me in a poor state but I am slowly getting back ihave been so tired I couldn’t be bothered writing much. Jane. (avenscent)

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      1. We are all evanescent(avenscent). It was pleasant to see the name you first used in blogging. I pray for your fast recovery. Take care!

        Love and light 🙂


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