Talking to a friend.

Some people say that they do not know how to pray, there is  not much difference between talking to a close friend and talking to god.




Goodness me this sore throut and hacking cough and fever left me wooly headed I walked into things and felt sort of drunk and confussed at times I still don’t feel right. There is some horrendous bugs going around. I hear of much worse things than I have had but what causes these horrible things I wonder and what can we really do about it. I don’t go out much or mix a tremendous amount but I still got this shit.


I don’t have anything to get excited about at Christmas and it is Christmas not just a holiday, it as always been Christmas and always will be at this time of year.

It was not always like it is now so comercialized. 0nce there was a spirit about Christmas you knew it was Christmas by the feel of it, there was a different feel about that special day even just approaching it.

Like i said i have nothing to get excited about i won’t get lots of presents and well wishes from all and sundry i won’t be visited by lots of friends and relations but i know the spirit will be there and just the thought sends a shudder down my spine, a pleasant feeling. I know that the holy spirit will be in my home on that day and i know that the joy it brings will keep me lifted for much longer than any gifts any one could bring.


Christmas is fast approaching and we are drawn to notice those who are suffering, lonly,sad, grieving and it can make us feel better if we try to help them some way. At this time when many of us look forward to good times there are others who are missing some one they dearly loved and are left feeling empty but if you really love some one they are always there in spirit and continue to share our lives.