The sky here is heavy with rain it as rained all night non stop and taking my little dog out this morning we got soaking wet, she sulked as i got the hair dryer on to dry her coat because rubbing her up with a towel had no effect atall. I wrapped her up in a blanket and just like a baby she went to sleep.

Still the rain pours down outside and shows no sign atall of stopping i feel sorry for those living in the North of england it is usually where they get the worse of the rain beautiful in summer terrible in winter.


4 thoughts on “Rain,rain,rain.

    1. 0h it is so sad that there life is so short they leave such an enormous gap in our life B, don’t they? I have lost so many over my lifetime always thinking i could not take this agony again but i do.X


  1. It’s rained all night here too. And most of the day. We were meeting friends who were afraid they might not be able to make it because sometimes the roads flood round them, but they managed it. In the middle of the afternoon the sun came out for a few minutes and there was a wonderful rainbow.


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