What happened to Christmas fun.

Wow! have you been shopping lately?, yes you must have done with Christmas so close. It is manic two or three people waiting for one parking place and thats if your lucky, some times there is more than that waiting for the same parking spot you have your eye on. You have drove around and there is nothing so you wait and wait and wait, some one slips into your spot the only one available and next thing you see a flare up between two people that is getting too hot for your liking so you drive of thinking sod it some one is going to get hurt as the driver who as just pushed in revs his engine and a woman screams abuse at him. Then to top it all before you can get out of there you see an elderly woman step out in front of a van, you stop you are so shocked at what you saw, you feel numb, the chap in the van looks stunned as an ambulance races toward them with flashing lights. The woman is pulled from under the front of the van paramedics are working on her but there seems no sign of life, a wave of depression hangs over you and all the shoppers who stand looking horrified. The woman had died of a heart attack and i could only feel for the van driver who was probably going to feel bad about it all over Christmas even though it wasn’t his fault. IGive up and shop online.



The sky here is heavy with rain it as rained all night non stop and taking my little dog out this morning we got soaking wet, she sulked as i got the hair dryer on to dry her coat because rubbing her up with a towel had no effect atall. I wrapped her up in a blanket and just like a baby she went to sleep.

Still the rain pours down outside and shows no sign atall of stopping i feel sorry for those living in the North of england it is usually where they get the worse of the rain beautiful in summer terrible in winter.



Proverbs. 28. verse 27. Give to the poor and you will never be in need.

Proverbs 23. verse 4. Be wise enough not to wear yourself out trying to get rich your money will be gone like it grew wings.

Proverbs 23. verse 9.  Don’t try to talk sense to a fool you are wasting your time.

Proverbs. 20. verse.21. The more easily you get your wealth the less good it will do you.

Verse 22. Do not take upon yourself to repay wrong trust the lord god and he will make it right.