I am an artist.



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      1. No, you don’t have to support one of the charities that are already listed – you can just start off with your own project, which is what I did. Does your orphanage have a website, or is there a charity that supports it? Can you tell me what the name of the orphanage is and I’ll try and help a bit more xx


      2. I did find one that supported street children but i did not know what to do i had searched ages after setting up to find it. There is an orphanage that triggered this idea called ZP high School Ghantasala India i have been watching this site for a while on facebook they do good works for these kids it is a Church School too. Any help would be much appreciated gilly i got a bit panicky i so much want to do this but knew i would mess up. Thanks.


      1. If you scroll down to the photo of the cute little boy on the right it tells you how to donate. I have to say that I don’t know this charity and have no experience of it. I have been looking at some of the details and it seems OK. It is based in America. If you would prefer to support a British charity or mission working with street children or orphans, I can find one for you instead xx


      2. I would really prefer to support a mission working with street children but this one is a good one, go for it. I have made a bit of a mess of this one it might put people of but i believe it is only for a month and now that i have got into this i don’t want to stop so better luck next time with set up. lol.XX


      3. Oh – I didn’t realise that for some reason – sorry! You can sponsor an Indian child through World Vision, which I know is an excellent charity: http://www.worldvision.org.uk/child-sponsorship/sponsor-child-india/?gclid=COigpMXWh9ACFQw8GwodSswH4A
        Then there’s this charity which has been specifically set up for street children: https://www.railwaychildren.org.uk/
        You might like this one better. The best way of helping, I think, is to send a regular donation – I do know that charities much prefer it if people can donate regularly, so they know they have funds coming in to help the children.

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      4. They are both excellent gilly i had heard of the railway children and there plight. We don’t really need – justgiving- unless it is some thing more personal as there are already charitys set up for these children and yes i agree regular donations are needed. I did put some money into -justgiving so will have to keep it open i guess but i can see that for some thing like this i did not need to do that when i could have gone directly to a registered charity. But we will see, what do you think? you have so much more experience and are so better qualified to know than me? X


      5. Well, if there’s a system already set up, then it’s easier for you just to give to them direct. Justgiving is good if you want to raise money for a particular issue – like, there is no charity that could help Tina and Anna, so it was my only way to support them. But if the kids already have support then I would go with that. xx


      6. I didnt realize there was any charitys set up for street children and i thought in my naivity that if there was they would be able to provide that info but i could not find any thing. Yes i can see that justgiving can be a great help for helping a friend. Thanks again gilly you have helped a lot. I am really keen to stop just feeling sorry for so many causes now and get on with doing some thing about them it makes me feel so much better.XX

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      7. Well i can’t exactly drop out now and i don’t want to, i felt there was some thing i could do even if it is only drawing furthur attention to the plight of these kids on the street gilly.XXX

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