I am an artist.



When faith saves.

I have been alone pretty much of my life having elderly foster parants who died when i was still young and having no other family i battled harder to be equel to those who had family support and a normol life. Had babys and no family support and pets with nobody to leave them with even for a few hours but i made it.  My life was not exactly what i would call normol i was abused most of my life.  I dealt with it all by working my backside of getting the things others had and coping alone to get things together it was a struggle and some made it harder for me along the way seeing i was alone young and naive. Some may not be impressed with how my life looks but i am proud of what i have achieved i waited many years to have a home where peace reined i prayed hard for it or it may never have happened.  I don’t concider myself religious i have faith in god that to me is  different it saved me when nobody else cared. It is my faith keeps me coping nobody and nothing else.