Are they for real.

What are we to expect next. This morning ITV gave us these things to think about if we dare, seems they are desperate to keep us entertained.


A young chap who as spent £20.000 of benefit money trying to look like David Beckham and intends to spend another £3o,000 he says to get there because he wants to mix with the stars.


A clown who uses his penis to paint with, well he made me laugh along with a feeling of disgust.


A woman who thinks that we should go out to a resturant for a meal while she brings along a potty for her child to sit on in the resturant while we eat, she see’s nothing wrong with it. Kids have been potty trained for years and years and the toilot as always been good enough to take them to before and its the proper place for it.

Are these people winding us up, are they for real?


4 thoughts on “Are they for real.

    1. Yes horrible is the word if there is one to fit, where do they find these people? I think i am pretty broad minded but i find them disgusting, freaks, people with crackpot ideas.Yuk! Hope your feeling better by the way.X

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      1. Thanks Jane – went to the hospital yesterday and they took the bandage off so I was able to see what the surgeon had done for the first time! It’s a very neat job and it’s healing well, thank the Lord. xx


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