Tell me what do you do when you have been shopping and met a nice young man at the check out and come back home to receive a phone call  about half an hour later asking you out.  I did and i was shocked to the cor, this young man is beautiful he is only twenty and i am brrrrrrrrrrrr, old!. I have a grandson older than him.

No i don’t go in for baby snatching suppose i am too scared of the young man waking up one day and going, “0h my god what have i done,” then dumping me. I told younger men to find some one there own age in my fortys when i did look young for my age. As much as i might enjoy a young man of twenty i never would i am too conscious of growing into a grey haired wrinkly, i count a new one every day and they get deeper and deeper and i am heading for being a dried up old prune fast. But i am still young at heart.


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