Hero huh!.

When we are young we love a hero, a bad boy, we think that there daring ways will make us more courageous, they can show us how to let go and have fun, give us confidence that we don’t have a lot of.

When they bully and knock us about we think it is true that it is our fault, when they say they will never do it again we stupid like believe that too but they do, do it again.  The very mention of us meeting up with some one else male or female he behaves in a strange way, at first he tells you its ok then he is waiting for you to come back and fists are flying and you are beaten black and blue so you can hardly walk for having had a pleasant night out with your friends and coming back at a reasonably time.

You get to thinking there is no point in going any where and he still beats you when he is frustrated that he did not get what he wanted at his work. You go to work and he bullys you out of the money you earn leaving you with nothing and no means of getting away from this nightmare, you live in fear and rather than having confidence you lack the ability to go to a shop without shaking with fear and knowing you have little money to spend and little food to eat.

The place you are living in becomes a prison and after forcing you to have sex you become pregnant again which is what he wanted it keeps you down he knows you love your kids and won’t leave for fear of losing them.

He decided it would be nice to go to live some where else and it all looks good and you share a little joy at the thought of a nice new home but then things get worse he is a control freak and when he belts you he means it if you hit back he will kill you and you have no way of being strong enough to fight him.

Time goes on and you know he will kill you if you stay and you must get away, then some one dies and leaves you some money and you move out telling him its over thinking it will all be different now but it isnt even though you go to court and get protection he finds ways to dog your life for years until he dies.

His kids feel sorry for him and blame you for having left this broken man, his ego is broken nothing else, he as no place  he can use his fists anymore and he as a heart attack and dies.

0ut there will be women who understand every bit what it is like to go through this without a doubt. These men can come from all kinds of backgrounds, proffesional men, rich and poor alike can end up this way. I am happy to say i now at least have a good man.


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