Who Needs em?

We feel hurt when we are blocked and shut out of our familys life because they are too narrow minded to see there own mistakes and only see ours and want to hurt us. Then one day we feel glad that they did shut us out because we realize just how narrow minded and miserubul a people they are, how selfish.

They have done us a huge favour but there ego makes them think we need em when we are just being kind and expecting a normol response from them like hi! that they don’t know how to give they are so hard hearted.

We  know how much better of we are without them, everything they do shows what they are, who needs people who Take all the time and give nothing. Selfish greedy ungrateful people, who needs such people they don’t ever change?


6 thoughts on “Who Needs em?

    1. Yes it is painful a grieving inside a sense of loss and an anger for the bad way i have been treated without cause it is a bit like a conspiracy against me and i dont even know why or what it is about and nobody will tell me. But dont want them back the way they have been towards me i dont like what they ahve become, they are a double of there greedy violent selfish father who they worshipped gilly.xxx


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