Sh! Its a secret.

Do you always end up learning the hard way every thing you do and making a stupid embarrassing mess of things in front of everybody and you feel you will never live it down?

Do you have habits you don’t want other people to know about?.  Do you let your dog sleep on the bed and know your family would be horrified.?. When you have eaten your meal do you put the dish down for your dog to lick? yuk!.

Do you like to relax in your PJs when at home alone and you throw of your underwear and have got caught more than once by the window cleaner wearing very little in your sitting room your hair uncombed and looking freakish in the afternoon.

Do you like baking cakes when you can not sleep at night and bake great cakes at 2.0clock in the morning and sit and eat them then fall into bed about five 0clock in the morning.

Have you run out of milk late at night and gone to the supermarket wearing a jacket over your nightdress and wearing your slippers?.

Have you gone out wearing curlers in your hair when late for work with a sandwich in hand?

Are your little secrets even more scant?

0r maybe you have lost your hair and wear a wig and never want any one to see that or know about it. 0r you sleep in bed with false teeth in because you can’t face having lost your teeth.

Maybe you have blonde hair but its not really blonde and never let anybody know that.

What is your secret? we all have them big or small.




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