Use you or hurt you.

0ften people who accuse others saying they are bad people have evil jealous hearts, they are ungrateful and undeserving of what they get in life. They lack the ability to see behond themselves and always think  bad of those who have helped them or other people because they can only imagin there is no reason to give to others without gain. Amazingly some of these people have been lucky enough to have good educations and a good life thanks to some one else but there minds only centre around themselves its all about them,  who needs them. Don’t try to reason with such people or befriend them if they can not use you they will hurt you.


2 thoughts on “Use you or hurt you.

  1. Sometimes you just have to draw a line with people, don’t you. By the way Jane, I can’t load any comments from anybody at present – I’ve complained to WordPress but so far they haven’t fixed it. It’s frustrating!


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