Goodbye Summer. poem.


Soon the tree’s will turn to yellow,

to copper, to red and gold

soon another summer will be behind

us gone forever until spring

and it begins all over again.  Soon we

will be huddled in winter woolys

warm jackets, hats and coats and boots

we will forget about the garden and outdoor

fun and games and take up the

fireside or the central heated room wrapping

ourself in warmth taking up winter

pastime’s planning holiday breaks for next

summer, sad to say goodbye summer.


Are they for real.

What are we to expect next. This morning ITV gave us these things to think about if we dare, seems they are desperate to keep us entertained.


A young chap who as spent £20.000 of benefit money trying to look like David Beckham and intends to spend another £3o,000 he says to get there because he wants to mix with the stars.


A clown who uses his penis to paint with, well he made me laugh along with a feeling of disgust.


A woman who thinks that we should go out to a resturant for a meal while she brings along a potty for her child to sit on in the resturant while we eat, she see’s nothing wrong with it. Kids have been potty trained for years and years and the toilot as always been good enough to take them to before and its the proper place for it.

Are these people winding us up, are they for real?

Love Books.

Why do i find that some one sends me a superb book to read whenever i already have two good books on the go, oh yes i read two at a time.  At the moment i have a paperback book on the go that was written in 1997 written by Edwina Curry, called, She Is Leaving Home, i found this in a dusty old bookshop, she is infact one of the best writer’s ever and the story is superb about life after the last war in Liverpool. Also i am reading, A Pocket 0f Shells. by Jean Reinhardt, another excellent book, a saga infact, the story starts during the potato famine in the 1800s in Ireland. I always have another book or two ready to follow on so always glad to hear of new one’s, lined up next i have a book that as been on the shelf for ages called, The Loner. Josephine Cox.


Tell me what do you do when you have been shopping and met a nice young man at the check out and come back home to receive a phone call  about half an hour later asking you out.  I did and i was shocked to the cor, this young man is beautiful he is only twenty and i am brrrrrrrrrrrr, old!. I have a grandson older than him.

No i don’t go in for baby snatching suppose i am too scared of the young man waking up one day and going, “0h my god what have i done,” then dumping me. I told younger men to find some one there own age in my fortys when i did look young for my age. As much as i might enjoy a young man of twenty i never would i am too conscious of growing into a grey haired wrinkly, i count a new one every day and they get deeper and deeper and i am heading for being a dried up old prune fast. But i am still young at heart.