Helping yourself.

Its hard to trust Docs who treat us for things they end up telling us we don’t have, after years we find out all the medication we have taken prescribed for us we never needed. I wonder how many people will end up finding out this as i did.

Doc’s have no time to give to finding out what is really wrong with us and dish out stuff before they know we need it, because it could be this or that, any number of things, they mean well.

The NHS as no time for people who trip along to the Doc with pettycuts and bruises as does happen they take up time needed for more important things.

It should be essential that Schools teach First Aid to pupils in School.  I buy self help books but we can help ourself with things wrong with us, we can do a First Aid course and learn how to deal with minor injuries and how to save some one’s life in an emergency.


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