No one listen’s to any thing you say and nobody cares what you say. The world gets more zombia like, people pick out the bits of interest to them and believe anything they like. They choose to like you or hate you regardless of what you are or what you do. Steal the answers to the questions in class from any place and you can be anything you want to be thats all the qualifications you need.. Whoever you are there will be a few like you and a plenty who don’t. The better your reputation the more likely some one will try to destroy you and your reputation from knowing little or nothing much about you.

No belief no faith means no rules you make up your own, sounds good but making up your own rules can lead you into trouble and having no faith can mean when the chips are down you are finished and live a dead end life like a suicide bomber meaningless with a dream that if you blow yourself up you will do it for a god who made you and you will go to some heavenly place, like shit you will.


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