Getting on with it.

I can remember recovering from some thing about a year later and complaining about it and being told, ” Its in the past forget about it”, now we get some one’s name being dragged through the dirt 60 years after some thing was supposed to have happened and some of them dead and unable to defend themselves.  The out to get you brigade never give up i often wonder how they ever stop because i would certainly never stop if i started there as been so many unfair and criminal things done to me that i am happy to let things go and stop blameing somebody else for how i feel and get on with my life.


2 thoughts on “Getting on with it.

  1. I SO agree with you….I tire of hearing “she made me angry”, “he hurt my feelings”, “they did this or that to me”, when no one can make us feel or do anything….but that we allow it!!! Carry on, my friend…


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