Panic Attack’s.

I am not an over confident person and i feel that probably most bloggers are like me feeling and knowing they have talents they keep from the world.

I suffer terrible panic attacks caused through lack of security and stability in my life and as i did as a child i wake up not sobbing as i did then but full of fear anxious about silly unimportant things.

I might wake up at 2.0clock in the morning panicking about some thing silly or i might be out some where when it happens and i can’t get out of a place fast enough, or will repeatedly do some thing that i have already done like starting my car when i have already done that. The panic will cause me embarassment i will lose concentration and do some thing stupid then i will worry about having made a fool of myself so it adds to my anxiety.

I deal with this awful problem but how i don’t really know but i tell myself that what i am worrying about does not matter that i will be 0k that this silly thing can be replaced or i will learn to deal with it, this is only possible as i begin to get over that horrible experience.


4 thoughts on “Panic Attack’s.

  1. That sounds a real struggle, Jane. I guess you can never tell when it’s going to happen, either, which is bound to add to the anxiety. Have you ever thought of trying a little bit of counselling? It’s possible that ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’ would really help – it is not invasive or scary (I’ve had it) and it helps us to learn a few mental tools to get control of it. If you go to your GP and describe your symptoms it’s possible that he might refer you and then you’d get it on the NHS.

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    1. Yes i have decided when i can get an appointment to do that at least see if they can refer me to some one it is only now i have admitted to this problem which can be scary. I thought coming out with it on my blog was a way of helping me deal with it even if those who have never suffered it i know won’t be interested or understand i am not writing for there benefit anyway i write basically myself and people who care about others not for to be top blogger.

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  2. I think it’s really brave to come out with it and you’re to be congratulated. Go for it! If you had a broken arm you’d go to the doctor: just because people can’t see that you have panic attacks doesn’t mean it’s not a sickness, like a physical one. Hopefully Your GP will be sympathetic and helpful. xxx


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