From my head.poem.

The poems i write from the top of my head

the thoughts emediate straight from my head,

the deep feelings i have that nobody see’s i

hide from the world so as not to displease,

some people ask no question about life they

just live it, i ask many, my thought go deep,

my experiences in life have been some what

strange and strained, the things that really

matter are not what we see it is those things we

can not see, in our thoughts we might see a face

we don’t reckonize, we might see some thing

before it happens but no one wants to know or

if they do they call us a witch or say that we are

crazy even fear us think we are dodgy they believe

only in what they can see but the wind it blows

where does it come from and where does it go

nobody really knows, people believe what others

say how ever dodgy that may be but they avoid a

book of life that in its stories shows life today the

same kind of things can happen as did then.


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