Helping yourself.

Its hard to trust Docs who treat us for things they end up telling us we don’t have, after years we find out all the medication we have taken prescribed for us we never needed. I wonder how many people will end up finding out this as i did.

Doc’s have no time to give to finding out what is really wrong with us and dish out stuff before they know we need it, because it could be this or that, any number of things, they mean well.

The NHS as no time for people who trip along to the Doc with pettycuts and bruises as does happen they take up time needed for more important things.

It should be essential that Schools teach First Aid to pupils in School.  I buy self help books but we can help ourself with things wrong with us, we can do a First Aid course and learn how to deal with minor injuries and how to save some one’s life in an emergency.




Wisdom comes with faith and belief in god, what ever you call your god, whatever your religion there is only one god he is a power not a person and we are not mean’t to understand him or his ways. We know we have god when we work for the good in the world, when we feel uplifted by prayer, when we know we are doing what is right and we are forgiving of those who harm us.

It may be true.

We are hearing that Mother Teresa of Calcutta associated with some pretty awful sorts of people this may well be true but does this have to mean that she agread with what they were doing?  Does this have to mean that she was some part of this bad lot, or could it mean that she felt it her place to try to steer them away from the wrong they did. Jesus himself mixed with alsorts of people some with not good reputations Mary Magdaline was one of them.


No one listen’s to any thing you say and nobody cares what you say. The world gets more zombia like, people pick out the bits of interest to them and believe anything they like. They choose to like you or hate you regardless of what you are or what you do. Steal the answers to the questions in class from any place and you can be anything you want to be thats all the qualifications you need.. Whoever you are there will be a few like you and a plenty who don’t. The better your reputation the more likely some one will try to destroy you and your reputation from knowing little or nothing much about you.

No belief no faith means no rules you make up your own, sounds good but making up your own rules can lead you into trouble and having no faith can mean when the chips are down you are finished and live a dead end life like a suicide bomber meaningless with a dream that if you blow yourself up you will do it for a god who made you and you will go to some heavenly place, like shit you will.

Getting on with it.

I can remember recovering from some thing about a year later and complaining about it and being told, ” Its in the past forget about it”, now we get some one’s name being dragged through the dirt 60 years after some thing was supposed to have happened and some of them dead and unable to defend themselves.  The out to get you brigade never give up i often wonder how they ever stop because i would certainly never stop if i started there as been so many unfair and criminal things done to me that i am happy to let things go and stop blameing somebody else for how i feel and get on with my life.

Is she a saint.

Some one said that Mother Teresa was not a saint because she did not use medicines available to her. Surely that prooves that she believed deeply that god was the answer and had faith that he would solve the issues in his time which is what made her saintly. She took the people from the street and made there life more comfortable. So called medicines used by our Doc’s often cause surgury’s and hospitals to be full due to horrible side effects some times worse than the existing problem.

Panic Attack’s.

I am not an over confident person and i feel that probably most bloggers are like me feeling and knowing they have talents they keep from the world.

I suffer terrible panic attacks caused through lack of security and stability in my life and as i did as a child i wake up not sobbing as i did then but full of fear anxious about silly unimportant things.

I might wake up at 2.0clock in the morning panicking about some thing silly or i might be out some where when it happens and i can’t get out of a place fast enough, or will repeatedly do some thing that i have already done like starting my car when i have already done that. The panic will cause me embarassment i will lose concentration and do some thing stupid then i will worry about having made a fool of myself so it adds to my anxiety.

I deal with this awful problem but how i don’t really know but i tell myself that what i am worrying about does not matter that i will be 0k that this silly thing can be replaced or i will learn to deal with it, this is only possible as i begin to get over that horrible experience.

From my head.poem.

The poems i write from the top of my head

the thoughts emediate straight from my head,

the deep feelings i have that nobody see’s i

hide from the world so as not to displease,

some people ask no question about life they

just live it, i ask many, my thought go deep,

my experiences in life have been some what

strange and strained, the things that really

matter are not what we see it is those things we

can not see, in our thoughts we might see a face

we don’t reckonize, we might see some thing

before it happens but no one wants to know or

if they do they call us a witch or say that we are

crazy even fear us think we are dodgy they believe

only in what they can see but the wind it blows

where does it come from and where does it go

nobody really knows, people believe what others

say how ever dodgy that may be but they avoid a

book of life that in its stories shows life today the

same kind of things can happen as did then.