Messed up.

Every bodies life as been made eaither worse or better by some one else.  We do not always get what we deserve and some are out there living there lives to impress other’s living a lie that might die on them any time.

Some people are afraid of any one seeing what they are really like they can not even face themselves, they don’t like themselves.

0thers face the world with courage every day whilst ignorant people who imagin this can not happen to them stare at them and despise them when they just want some one to see the person inside.

Beautiful children’s lives are ruined by violent and destructive parants who leave them in homes and any place they can rather than rear them with love.  Violent evil forces and narrow mindedness leave familys disjointed and without a soul. The media can help or destroy our lives for ever depending on who and what we meet with.

People can hate us just for being who we are.  Prejadice does not just exist if your black it can exist for any reason atall.  And bullying goes on among adults as well as among children.


7 thoughts on “Messed up.

  1. This can be so true. All the more reason for your previous post – we all need to turn to God for the peace only he can give, and that gives us strength to cope with the negative attitudes of others xx


    1. Because people do not understand and will not read there bible and refuse to believe they are left hating god and every one else, one might say refusing to try to understand, and the more people are full of hate the more hateful the world gets and the less chance of there being an answer.


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