I have become very cynical about things so much so that if i read an absolute brilliant write up about a book or a film or anything else i tend to feel it is bound to let me down and i am usually right.

I read carefully what the tale is about and if it sounds like it is up my street so to speak i read it or watch it i don’t care how many gold stars it does have, or does not have, or what anybody else says about it if it is a story i like. And like every one else i like a story well presented but the odd mistakes are aloud the story content and ableness to read it matters most.

I had always just gone for the general run of the mill e books on offer picking them out on the story alone many were pretty good.  Then some one said i should try some of the books that are top ranked and one was suggested to me so i bought it, it was not for me atall i felt let down it was for me boring stuff. Maybe she had written it or it was a friend of hers had written it and got it well advertized to get top ranking but it was a disapointment.


10 thoughts on “Cynical.

  1. I often don’t like the big bestsellers either. There’s matters of taste and style and personal values involved, I think!!! Maybe instead of ‘cynical,’ you are ‘discerning’????


      1. I remember buying some farm animals, plastic things for my grandson and he asked, “What do i do with them”? he was only small but when i was small i would have used my imagination as we did then.

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      2. I had noticed that the teaching in School when he was small showed an apple or some such thing and the answer was given so most of the kids didnt bother to work things out, i wanted to see what he would do if i gave him some thing to work out himself and i was shocked because he was a bright kid.

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