Silly Cow.


This morning i went shopping and found the car park pretty full i waited whilst one car left leaving only one space and the woman in front was to drive in or that was what i expected to happen, but instead she drove on quite a distance past some other cars so i took it she had changed her mind, i drove in the space, she jumped on me. “I was going to reverse in there” she shouted top of her voice, “your selfish, shows how you were brought up” she hollowed at me starting on an insulting pattern of abuse so that the girls working inside on the tills stopped and laughed.

I looked  at her and did not answer her and walked on in to the store.  I might have let it spoil my day but i didn’t. If anybody was selfish she was she didnt care that i was stuck out there whilst she messed about with reversing the car and if that was what she was about to do she went a long way of to do it . I think she was just wanting an argument she did not get, and she needed a few more driving lessons.


4 thoughts on “Silly Cow.

  1. My husband had a car ram him when he tried to drive into a space in a hospital car park one day. Then the driver got out and abused him. What is it with some drivers? It’s not road rage – it’s parking paranoia!


    1. I don’t know but this woman had driven furthur on to see if there was a space furthur on and expected me to wait for her to come back, who do some people think they are?.


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