Fly over the Horizon.

I am too old for excitment, far too old, but my interest lies thousands of miles away from home, the only place i feel reasonably secure i am at now but i look over the horizon and some thing tells me there some where the joy i seek lies where i would find the love and appreciation i so feel i deserve that i have never had here in england where i never felt i belonged, finding myself getting on much better and being understood better by the Irish people and Scots i got to know.

I watch every known travel program whatever it is about that takes me into another world,i read books that tell stories of far of places,anything that takes me to far of lands wild and wonderful, i would be gone now but for the fact i know life is not a fantasy especially out there alone miles from home, and i love my chap who i feel would be lost without me and my little dog, i am a loyal soul.

Not long ago after a bit of an argument i sat alone in the sitting room when a swallow flew in through the open door, he flew around as though he knew where he was going, missing the hanging lights, he circled the room several times and then flew away back through the door, i jumped up to watch as he joined a flock flying away probably to another land and wondered if he had come to tell me some thing. Why did he find himself drawn to fly through the door and circle the room in such a knowing way i will never know but i felt he was saying “Fly with me” what a lovely thought.


2 thoughts on “Fly over the Horizon.

  1. I love this, Freespirit! Perhaps one day you can fulfill that desire. I have just set out on my solo rv’ing lifestyle…am having a great time. And I don’t think you are ever too old..I’m 75. Of course, I am single, but my dog travels with me. I really believe there was some kind of meaning to the flight of the swallow…Take care, my friend.


    1. Maybe the swallow was giving me a message from far away, I have a daughter in America who is an artist but we don’t have anything to do with one another she lives in Minisotta i believe now.


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