How I See It.

Personally i think that Nigel Farage having led us out of europe should stick around to see it through not just see it as a win and pat himself on the back and move on.

He started this and he should finish the job and help sort it all out. There were things to be sorted in the EU but many people wanted to stay in Europe and were better of once that decision had been made.

The only people to benefit from us standing alone will be those who are safely already in a good job of work because prices will rise when we are all pretty much forced to buy British.


2 thoughts on “How I See It.

    1. Exactly, i guessed he would clear of when he had done as much damage as he could he knew he would get some mugs to follow. We were fine where we were there were some things needed sorting but i believe they could be. Whats that about the grass is always greener rubbish.X

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