Be glad.

If you are spiritually minded like me you will be devoted to some time alone where you can take time to reflecked on things. Time spent looking things over as you gaze into the sunset, or watch a bird in flight, or the tree’s blowing in the wind, concentrate your mind on nature, or some thing beautiful, opens up your mind to surprising things, you are able to see things in a different light, you are uplifted, and see behond the obvious. But if you are not spiritually minded you will see this as a strange occupation, if you need crowds around all the time you are not spiritually minded and being alone for you brings nothing but depression.

You have suffered pain nobody understands,  you have had more than your share of rejection, you have been unfairly treated, you feel you have been unfairly judged, you are a victim of neglect, you are alone in the world and nobody cares and nobody understands.

Some probably think you are a joke,but after those quiet moments where you sit quietly and concider things with no self pity, no hate in your heart, you realize that you didn’t need any of that rubbish or those people that brought you nothing but grief and if they dumped you you should be thanking them for they took everything from you and gave nothing in return and you have nothing to grieve about.


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