Why. poem.

It was the year 2005 when i wrote a war poem for the very first time and i was pleased when it was accepted into an anthology and amazed when i saw the quality of the war poem’s that had been selected, the anthology was called, Poppy Fields, and here it is my effort for this rememberance day.



They passed through graves of old

where young bodies lay,

they went like men to fight a war they

believed would bring peace to one and all

a boy just sixteen left his home

and family to take his place among the men

at war, called up and fit as he

could be, he missed home cooking and family

life, the cosy life was gone,

when the corporol did shout it was time for all

to jump about, in a hole in

the ground they called a trench he shivered and shuck

with fear, but who cared as bombs

blasted in there ears,  what is it all for he asked himself

as another mate falls to the ground

many dead and broken hearted nothing but sadness

and pain, others mamed for life, war is not the answer if

the world would pray maybe the

answer would come.




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