Blog, blog, blog.poem.

Blog, blog,blog here we go,

its addictive did you know,

why do we do it do we know,

we put across the things we know,

it sorts our head about the

things hard to understand,

we laugh about things,

we remind people of things,

we help others with things,

we give a new view of things,

we speak our mind about things,

we show off the things we love,

we announce our hurt about things,

we rant about things,

we care about things,

we write away our worrys and cares.


So Awful.


How disgusting is that, this couple in there 80s found there grandson was attempting to sell there home they loved in California. Imagin the shock when people were calling to look at the place with the prospect of buying, they were stunned.  Who needs em nobody needs such shit in there lives as people like this it is just more heart breaking when it is family that do this, i feel for them.

Brother No.

So what is big brother about i can’t say that it is some thing i have watched much or been that interested in.

Money i suppose is what it is about mainly making huge amounts of money to live in a house with other way out folk whilst a camara follows you about, and being capable of shouting loud about how great you think you are even if you are just a gobby freak.

Do you need any talent no but you need an outrageous personality and need to like people around you all of the time and like being in enclosed space for long periods of time. At least that is how i see it. Not for me i am thinking.

Let them know you care.

A friend seemed very upset and withdrawn and i asked her what was wrong. A friend had died she had neglected to go to see for such a long time and she did not know how ill she was she said.  How often do we do this? we neglect our duty as a friend and take it for granted that they are fine when we don’t have a clue about what is happening to them, then like this woman we are left shocked when some thing awful as happened and we have perhaps lost them forever without them knowing we cared.

We think it is enough to care from afar that our heart is with them and spirit but it is not always enough and we should make an effort to pick up the phone and say “How are you”? write a letter, send an email, just a few words now and then to let them know we care.


I had a deeply religious experience a long time ago not that i make an issue of it but i now believe that i am seperated from my family because i am a spiritual person and they are worldly and i believe god himself did this seperated us.  It seems a hurtful thing to have to happen but i can understand why god does this, i see why it as to some times happen.

Hanging around.

As it appears that i have what i think of as a strange bunch for a family and i was there skeleton in the cupboard, a secret they didn’t want to accept, when i see some one hanging around my home and i say hello and they don’t answer i do tend to wonder if its somebody spying on me for committing a terible crime like wanting to know who they are and expecting a normol response from them.

They might want to pretend i don’t exist but i do exist and they can not rub me out because even when i am dead i will have existed and still have been related to them so they can get used to it the sooner the better.

What started this again was that a chap as been hanging around for ages when i drive up the road i see him standing inside a gate way not always the same gate way, this morning he came past my house and my partner said hello and he answered when i said hello he didnt answer, he glares at me when ever i see him, this morning he stopped on the corner of the road and i had to walk past him near the road with my dog because he pretty much blocked my way. I turned to see if he was gone from behind me and he was then i spotted him across the road. I don’t like this chap he is creepy and keeps popping up near my home. I did have a threatning phone call telling me i did not exist from a man who would not let me speak.   Some times long lost familys are best left where they are in the past you don’t ask much but they don’t even want to give that much.