What is it about.

Each day we all muddle along very few of us have a life we rejoice in, some of us may have moments of success we revel in but without some one to share our success there is little lasting pleasure.

No one ever really knows what is going on in some one elses head, every thing looks so good to us at first glance but we don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors, and gossip is gossip it tells us little about the truth of any thing.

Some times those people that look the best of to us are the worse of, they live a lie making out they are some thing they are not, flaunting new cars, big houses, all the latest things we can not offord, then some thing drastic happens and they are all dead due to having no money atall but huge debts they can not pay and they can not face the shame of it or a reduction in life style or a prison sentence.

Then there are those decent honist folk who pay there way and have little money to spend on luxury life, they can not offord to go out and eat but they make the best of things.

Then there is the one who robs others without a care with no intention of working, house breaking and shop lifting until they end up spending a spell in jail where all there friends are and they don’t really want to leave.

All of these show that we all muddle through life any way we can, we slog most of the time and many people are not happy but they don’t think of suicide they accept the life they have and put up with it  because non of us know what is waiting on the other side.


2 thoughts on “What is it about.

  1. I was drawn to your blog by your “freespirit”…the name I use for most things is “freespirit77445”, and I figured I would like reading what you have to say…and I was right in that assumption..I like the way you write and think! I had a life partner for fifteen years, who just walked out one day..I guess we were “slogging”. But at 75, I decided to change my life and live life to the fullest for whatever time I have left. I hope to have someone to share that life with, but if that doesn’t happen, I’m OK. I am going to be RVing full time..started a blog to share my experiences, but since I’ve not begun my adventure yet, am posting some of my writings on that blog. I used to write a lot, but that kind of fell by the wayside when I got involved with ex partner…guess that was some more “slogging”. Life is good, but I digress.
    Hope you’ll keep writing as I enjoy it very much! Thank you…


    1. Thank you so much and pleased to meet you i enjoyed your poem and like your style. I have a partner but i hope that will not stop us being friends and enjoying each others blogs. My partner as no interest in computors atall and its nice to have some one to share interests with. here.


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