Plodding along.

When we are depressed about life we ask ourselves, what for? about pretty much every thing we have to do that we don’t enjoy. We ask ourself why we get up in the morning, what are we going to do with the day and is there anything we look forward to, often we turn to food for pleasure and comfort, munching away on crisps, chocalate, cake. We go out spending, buying things we don’t need, we look at some of the things we buy and feel happy for a moment then we realize we have no place to wear that lovely new dress and nobody perhaps to wear it for and we slump again into depression.  We try to pick ourself up and join things alian to us trying to spark an interest but we don’t enjoy it.  The important things and important people are missing from our life for whatever reason and nothing sparks any interest in us anymore. We plod on hoping tomorrow things will change for the better in some way but they never do.


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