That is sooooo true i had to live with a step mother  with a nasty evil destructive tongue, as a child into adult life she enjoyed putting me down until she nearly detroyed me completely, she hated me.  I went out in to the world and found myself capable of turning on the hateful tongue if i was hurt or bullied  by any one it was my only defence .

When i had my kids i loved every bone in there bodies and gave them all i had got to give, i was aware of the evil tongue i had bestowed upon me by an evil step mother  but i thought it was under control, but when i felt they were not listning to me it would arise, i don’t believe i ever said anything to them that was not true or could harm them but it might have been best not said atall.

There father had always beaten me from the start of our marriage,  to him it was normol he had watched his father beat his mother when frustrated about work or anything else. I loved him dearly and i had nowhere to go anyway with no money and two kids i no way wanted to leave them behind they were my world. I had tried to find some where safe away from him but there was nowhere then.

Finally years later i took the case to court and he was to stay away from my new home but he was useing others with lies he told them to attack my home and he continued being behind a hate conspiracy because his ego was injured when i left him and he no longer had a punch bag.

The man who had never cared for the kids or provided for them had changed and was now helping them, and my kids now had turned against me and he was in favour, all that i had done for them was forgotten.  Hate for him set in and when he died they were upset but all i felt was relief that he was gone and so it seperated us compeletely.


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